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What are your rates?

You may find my rates at: 

With regards to the number of hours and the package(s) that I would advise you to look at, we can further discuss for me to better understand your preferences and needs. Such as for weddings, whether there is a bridal party shoot scheduled, how it should be, and other matters related to the schedule and your plans.

I definitely hope that you can consider the package(s) that is/are best suitable and not pay more than what is needed.

How many photos do you return?

I deliver an unlimited number of edited photos.
For weddings, I typically deliver a min. of 60 photos/hour, and for family/couple photoshoots, a min. of 50 photos/hour. 

Please be rest assured that I will edit (color-correct) and deliver as many photos as possible for you to safe-keep more moments.

Do you return RAW images?

In line with standard industry practice, I do not deliver RAW images and I only deliver edited images. :)

I really like this style of photography and editing that I saw on my IG. May you change your style to be like that?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to change my style. Every photographer has value in his/her own style, and I have my uniqueness too. However, if an album/photo in my portfolio has caught your eye, we can discuss that. Do note that I may not be able to exactly replicate a shot in the past as every shoot is unique and artistic in nature. What will be consistent is my personal vision for the event/shoot. :)

Will the full album consist of many black and white photos?

For every black & white photo returned, there will also be a colored version in the final album.

Do we have to provide a guest seat for you on wedding day?

It is not necessary to provide a seat for me. But please provide a meal for me to recharge for the remaining day of shoot, thank you!

We would like you to photograph for us! How shall we proceed from here?

For official confirmation and for me to reserve the date/slot for you, we'll be agreeing on an e-signed agreement and a 50% deposit. If you would like to have a chat before the confirmation to find out more or to get a feel of how it's like to work together, we can also schedule an e-meet for me to share more and for you to clarify any questions that you may have. 

Before the wedding day, we'll have an e-meet to run through the wedding schedule and for us to meet each other (if we hadn't scheduled prior to confirmation). 

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