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Projects with One Animation Studio:

• The Oddbods YouTube series, 2018- 2019

• Antiks YouTube Series, 2019- 2020

• The Oddbods Show Season 3, 2019

Project with Omens Studio:
-To be released soon-

Storyboards in sub-pages are password-protected as these episodes have not
been released by One Animation.

All Content: Property of One Animation Pte Ltd

These storyboards will be available for viewing in-person.

Password-protected storyboards:

1x Oddbods Episode (Act 1 and 2: Drama+Comedy)

2x Antiks Episodes (Act 3: Action+Comedy & Act 1: Drama+Comedy)


"The Oddbods Show is a twice Emmy nominated non-dialogue comedy series broadcast in over 180 countries around the globe. Oddbods is also officially recognised as a major influencer in the digital space having amassed a staggering 9B views and 8M subscribers on YouTube. The show is also broadcast on major networks around the world including Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Netflix and Amazon. In 2018, Oddbods received its second Emmy nomination in a row, the first ever property to do so in its category."


The Oddbods Show has run for 3 seasons, with around 180 7min-episodes. 
It features the adventures of seven individual and quirky colorful friends living together in a cul-de-sac. There is not a single day of ordinary with the crazy combination of these Oddbods!

The episode below, "Selfies Gone Wrong", was one of the
first few Oddbods episodes which I have storyboarded!

(Storyboards for this episode will not be displayed.)


About Antiks

Antiks is a minimal-dialogue comedy featuring the lives of two sibling ants Ants, Joey and Boo.
While making sense of the big world at a grass-roots level,
they have bigger-than--ordinary-ant's appetite for food, mischief and minuscule levels of mass-destruction as they struggle to survive in the big world around them. Their insatiable curiosity always sends them on a journey into the great unknown!

As Antiks episodes are not scripted, as part of the Story Team, I have developed and pitched stories and gags for the studio's flagship series, while understanding characterization, and character development for a cohesive story.

Disney Storytelling Bootcamp


14-15 September 2019

A two-day programme, that brings together prominent storytellers in popular entertainment with industry professionals. It was a chance to meet, interact and be inspired by renowned creative leaders from the world of Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm!

Exchange to Jakarta One Animation

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10-13 October 2019

1/2 Represented the Singapore One Animation Story Team to Jakarta One Animation

to build on Antiks Show and also to share production experiences with the team members there! 

It was great to have finally met the Jakarta team whom we have been skyping from Singapore!

There were Antiks ideation and thumbnailing sessions

and lots of getting to know each other over food and movies!

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