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This is Home.

Singapore's precious moments & brilliant smiles.

It was a good Saturday evening with Benny's companionship and complimentary tickets to Chingay. While we relaxingly munched on cheap dabaoed sushi and photographed together, the volunteer performers have put in a lot of time and effort into the crafts and performances.

There are a lot more examples of unseen sacrifice in life put up for enjoyment and functionality. It is impossible to broaden our scope to notice every single good all the time. But when we make or get the chance to, it's really quite nice to immerse in appreciation for what usually slips by.

I enjoyed the smiles, colors and gaiety of multi-ethnicity and cosmopolitan cultures. I enjoyed even more when the energy of the show was further fueled by the active enthusiasm and curiosity of the little ones seated behind us. It reminded me of the nostalgic child-like excitement for school excursions and the little joyful moments in life.

We were ready to camp for the night with a $1 picnic mat+tripods to chope space, and dabaoed happy food macs+bbt. It's my first time counting down outdoors and shooting fireworks, but all the firsts felt familiar in my cosy companionship. The clock struck 12 and in each other's arms, our hearts took over our cameras' shutters in safekeeping the moment together. Love felt like the fire bouquets illuminating the night sky, looking as though it has learnt to be freed to fly.

Of radiant explosions, colorful haze, big smiles and warm hugs,
it was a happy and thankful start of 2020.

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