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Animations and Videos

Krabi (2019)
Motion Graphics

Ending 2018 in Krabi, I liked that the weather was mostly sunny, the sea was clear and calming, the people were so friendly.

New-found Russian and England friends whom I counted down to 2019 with, ended our last night of the trip clinking glasses over heart-felt conversations, playing with fire at the bustling beach, and dramatically shouting our 2019 wishes and (wow their chinese good) "我们没有朋友 THAT'S WHY WE'RE ALONE!" to the sea to conclude our individual solo trips lol??

It warms my heart to see the clips and recall good memories. I'm excited that the best is yet to come. :)

Motion Graphics
Yun Cheng and Brenda Love Story Video (Wedding) (2019)

Made this for my brother as a gift for his wedding! 

Mirrors (2018)

At 2am one night in 2017.. I glided around my room on my roller chair and I span to the front of my dressing table mirror. I stared blankly at myself in the mirror emoing about my work and that's... how I thought of this idea LOL.

My 3min 31s solo 2D animation film has at least 5000 unique drawings/paintings with inclusion of 0-2 drafts per scene. Tracing nearer to the start, I remember compositing my first scene to test the finished look and lol I felt heartened like I saw my toddlerFYP take his first baby step. This sense of accomplishment replayed with every completed scene. In between every milestone of completion, was filled with very long hours of work, reviews, conversations, mixed feelings and thoughts.

Every single frame developed has encompassed my mixed feelings as an art student in school. Having felt insecure and demoralised about my level of skillset, having felt joyful with supportive ADM friends who braved through everything together with me till the end, having felt free and happy creating something that came from my heart and with my creative head in the clouds, having felt so tired of trucking forward but still motivated by the celebration of every inch of accomplishment.

There's so much to talk about my years of journeying as an artist- the importance of believing in your own work, the compassion and kindness that we should show ourselves, the fun of explorations, and tips on not breaking your precious arm from drawing so much in a day etc.

This short film is a small speck in the grand scheme of this ongoing artist journey. It is not my best work and I cringe hard at the mistakes made, but is still something that I am proud of because of the impacts that helped shape me into the artist and person today.

Mirrors (2018) had the key message of "Stay true to yourself!"
Always a good to take this out of the pocket for a smile and reminder. (-:

Special thanks to my NTU ADM FYP mentors, Hannes Rall, Davide Benvenuti-Su, Family, Friends and Jesus. (-: Still grateful till today- this the impact of genuine companionship and constructive help.

Motion Graphics Video Edit
(Writers@Work Singapore and MUIS Singapore)
2D Animation
Spltting bars.00_01_26_15.Still002.jpg

When I was young, I liked rainbow so much that I owned so many rainbow items, and I always made sure that my things were arranged in the order of the rainbow colors. I was always excited when I caught a rainbow in the sky, a flickering rainbow from the garden sprinklers, a small rainbow from sunlight refracting through crystals.

My mum always kept a lookout for rainbow things and pointed them out to me to bring a smile to my face. And 20+ years later in this quarantine, my mum barged into my room (1 time srsly chua tio) whenever there was a rainbow in the sky. My friends would snap a pic of the rainbow and tell me it reminded them of me. The people who care for me, truly always want the best for me in the littlest ways.

The rainbows these days have reminded me of how I've always been happy by a simple sight, and how beautiful it is for happiness and things to be this simple.


Finally did some digital painting and 2D animation after a long while! (to conceal my address-just in case I become damn famous next time then won't kena stalked)

Shot on Sony A7iii, Circuit Breaker 2020.

2D Reel (2017-2018)
(NTU ADM Drawn Animation Module)
Aliyah (2016)
(NTU ADM Animation Seminar Module)
3D Animation
3D Reel (2017)
(NTU ADM 3D Animation Module)
NukeX Digital Compositing
The Sheet (2016)
(NTU ADM Digital Compositing Final Semester Project)
NukeX Demo Reel (2016)
(NTU ADM Digital Compositing Module)
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